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Information on Blackboard

Almost all the information systems which support the education processes are gathered together within Blackboard. You can record students’ examination marks in Blackboard, make documents available to students, find information about your faculty, and much more.

Using your ‘NetID’, you can access Blackboard at All staff and students are entitled to a NetID. You can look up your own NetID at Alternatively, follow the ‘activate account’ link on the log-in page of Blackboard itself. Blackboard uses the NetID to identify the user, whereupon the information most relevant to you is automatically retrieved.

For entering students’ marks and grades go to the tab 'OSIRISD' in Blackboard. You can also post announcements relating to lectures and laboratory courses, and you can find information relating to other aspects of the educational environment. It is even possible to download free distribution software (TDS).
Further information about Blackboard can be found at

Entering your course information in Blackboard

Once you have created or changed a course description in the CourseBase system, the courses will be automatically uploaded to Blackboard (one month before the start of the new academic year). The course description appears in Blackboard and can be consulted by students (in the 'Course information' section).
Students enrol for your course at the start of each academic year. You should ensure beforehand that the correct course (with the correct course code and year extension) is shown online. The course should be shown as ‘Available'. To ensure that it is, go to the relevant course: ‘control panel’ > ‘settings’ > ‘course availability’, and then click on 'Yes'.


If you have any questions about Blackboard, please contact:



(015) 27 89194





Education and Student Affairs,
Jaffalaan 9a,
room 2.40

The E-Learning Support group also offers on-site assistance. They will visit you at your office or workstation (by appointment) to explain exactly how you can make use of the digital learning environment.

You can also check the Help section within Blackboard for more information on the capabilities available in Blackboard.



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