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Magazine of Architecture & Technology (English); Variant title: A mas T. Following the series Density, In Common and Civilities, we intend to present a new focus on life in common and on buildings that keep up society’s pulse.
At this point, we aim to address our investigation on hybrid buildings, as they are structures able to combine different programmes and encourage the interaction of a disparate sequence of urban uses, combining private activities with the public realm.


A+U-Architecture and Urbanism




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New Relationship between Landscape Architecture and Urban Design – Part 2 Field Operations: Soft Systems of Landscape, Ecology, Infrastructure, Architecture, Urban Development and Living Patterns.


ACE Architecture, City and Environment




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ACE, published by the Center for Land Policy and Valuations of the UPC, is promoted by the same name founded Thematic Network, in partnership with the UPC, from the University of Bio-Bio (Chile) and the University of Guadalajara (Mexico).
ACE will be directed to the broadcast media expertise (universities, research centers, R & D departments of companies, etc.) Advanced research in the following research areas: architectural and urban heritage, urban history, Urban and Territorial Planning and Management of Urban Planning, Land Policy and Housing, Planning and Transport Management and Urban Mobility, Land Administration and the City, Urban Ecology, Urban Environment and Sustainability, Energy, Architecture and City Performance Building Environmental and Urban Systems, Urban and Environmental Assessment, City and Information Society, Geographical Information Systems and Planning, Remote Sensing and Urban Analysis applied to the TERRITORIES, Urban Representation and Virtual Heritage City and others.


Akademisk arkitektforening SEE: Danske arkitekters landsforbund




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Professional news for architects, such as new projects, competitions, urban renewal, building conditions, and design.


American Journal of Public Health


0090-0036 (1541-0048)




The American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) is dedicated to publication of original work in research, research methods, and program evaluation in the field of public health.


Annals of Regional Science


0570-1864 (1432-0592)


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Official Journal of the Western Regional Science Association. The Annals in Regional Science is a quarterly in the interdisciplinary field of regional and urban studies. Its purpose is to promote high quality scholarship on the important theoretical and empirical issues in regional science.


Architectura (arkitekturhistorisk arsskrift)






ARKITEKTEN is published 15 times a year, the magazine keeps architects up to date with the most important professional news: New projects, urban renewal and restoration, building conditions, design, education, debate and product descriptions.
Advertisements also make good reading in ARKITEKTEN. The information in the articles and the advertisements deal with the same subjects - from each of their angles they provide architects with professional knowledge, useful to them in their daily work.
ARKITEKTEN covers all architects MAA 100%.
The coverage is minimum 90% for architectural school graduates.


Architectural Record




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Architectural Record provides a compelling editorial mix of design ideas and trends, building science, business and professional strategies, exploration of key issues, news products and computer aided practice.Provides an integrated editorial mix of design ideas, trends, news, and business and professional strategies, computer-aided design, building technology, and product reviews.


Architectural science review


0003-8628 (1758-9622)


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Architectural Science Review publishes original research papers, shorter research notes, and abstracts of PhD dissertations and theses in all areas of architectural science. Covers research in all areas of building and architectural science and technology.This scholarly journal from Australia publishes articles on the engineering aspects of architecture, such as materials, problems arising from recently developed building techniques, structures, new methods of design, fire protection, sound insulation, and building and urban climatology. Here the relationship between science and architecture is explored. Computer applications in architectural design are also a component of this journal. Illustrations are mainly black-and-white drawings. Recommended for architecture and engineering libraries.




0746-0554 (0001-1479)


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ARCHITECT is our monthly print magazine that provides the practicing architect with vital business tips, design inspiration, plus ideas for skill development and practice management. Focuses on information critical to practicing architects, delivering information and ideas to inspire their designs, enhance their practice, expand their business and connect with their peers.


Architecture + design (India)






Architectural projects, building reviews and analyses, articles related to design, architecture, construction, and other related subjects, book reviews, etc. Audience: architects, urban designers and planners, students, builders and professionals.


Architecture D Aujourd Hui




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Our work by type: Houses, interiors, public buildings, urban planning, study objects. By project advancement: competition, concept, realization.


Architecture in Canada 






This document is in PDF format. Covers the examination of the role of the built environment in Canadian society.






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Archithese information indicative value, concepts, projects and buildings are the focus of critical debate. Interdisciplinary references to art, philosophy and science and applications areas such as CAAD (Computer Aided Architectural Design), construction and communications technology are made. Archithese pursued architectural theory flows in urban planning and discussions, thoughts and actions are explained by architects, enlightened backgrounds of projects.


ArchNet - IJAR: International Journal of Architectural Research


1938-7806 (1994-6961)




ArchNet-IJAR is an interdisciplinary scholarly online publication of architecture, planning, and built environment studies. The journal aims at establishing a bridge between theory and practice in the fields of architectural and design research, and urban planning and built environment studies.


Arkitektur DK




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Portraits of new Danish architecture focusing on new houses, city spaces, sports buildings, churces, and museums.


ARQ: Architectural Research Quarterly


1359-1355 (1474-0516)


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ARQ acts as an international forum for practitioners and academics by publishing cutting-edge work covering all aspects of architectural endeavour. Generously illustrated throughout, arq is edited with busy practitioners and academics in mind. Contents include building design, urbanism, history, theory, environmental design, construction, materials, information technology, and practice. Other features include interviews, occasional reports, lively letters pages, book reviews and an end feature, Insight. Reviews of significant buildings are published at length and in a detail matched today by few other architectural journals. Elegantly designed, inspirational and often provocative, arq is essential reading (and Continuing Professional Development) for practitioners in industry and consultancy as well as for academic researchers.








Provides a forum for the discussion of environmental design, Latin American and Latino studies, and American and cultural studies.


Australian planner: journal of the Royal Australian...






Australian Planner is the national journal published by the Planning Institute of Australia. Australian Planner is the most read and influential planning journal in Australia and the Pacific Region. It is published quarterly, distributed in March, June, September and December each year. With a circulation of about 4,600, readership includes those involved in the planning profession including government officials, university staff and students, urban designers, urban, regional, social, environmental, economic and transport planners, as well as those involved in related industries, both nationally and overseas. All members of PIA receive 4 editions of Australian Planner annually. Australian Planner provides a forum for planning news, opinion and research. Each edition of Australian Planner contains a component surrounding a particular theme or topic of interest. 








Blueprints is the Museum's magazine featuring includes in-depth articles exploring various issues related to current exhibitions and programs at the Museum. Arranged thematically, each issue offers a deeper insight into the Museum’s mission and the built environment.


Building and Environment






Building and Environment is an international journal that publishes original papers and review articles on research, technology, and tool development related to building science and human interaction with the built environment, as well as their applications to building design and operation.


Building Research and Information


0961-3218 (1466-4321)


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Buiding Research & Information (BRI) is a leading international refereed journal focussed on buildings and their supporting systems. Unique to BRI is a focus on a holistic, transdisciplinary approach to buildings and the complexity of issues involving the built environment with other systems over the course of their life: planning, briefing, design, construction, occupation and use, property exchange and evaluation, maintenance, alteration and end of life. Published articles provide conceptual and evidence-based approaches which reflect the complexity and linkages between cultural, environmental, economic, social, organisational, quality of life, health, well-being, design and engineering of the built environment.


Building services engineering research and technology


0143-6244 (1477-0849)




Building Services Engineering Research & Technology is one of the foremost, international peer reviewed journals that publishes the highest quality original research relevant to today’s Built Environment. Published in conjunction with CIBSE, this impressive journal reports on the latest research providing you with an invaluable guide to recent developments in the field.


Built environment




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Built Environment is relevant to all those involved with urban and regional planning and related disciplines. Each issue deals with a single theme of current interest to practitioners, academics and their students. Subscribers can access full text of all papers and book reviews from 2003 (Volume 29) onwards. Print copies of earlier issues are available from Alexandrine Press – a listing is given under Previous Issues. Details of forthcoming issues are given at Current and Forthcoming Issues, but the Editors welcome suggestions for future themes. Please do e-mail these via the Contact page. Built Environment is one of the few journals in the field which covers issues of contemporary architecture and built form from a truly inter-disciplinary perspective without comprimising either substance or content’. Built Environment proves a critical space for a diverse range of urban researchers to explore key contemporary issues about the future of cities’. Built Environment, because of its multidisciplinary approach, its openness and richness, enables planners and geographers to view things in a different perspective’.


Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering




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The official journal of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering. It contains articles on environmental engineering, hydrotechnical engineering, structure engineering, construction engineering, engineering mechanics, and engineering materials, and a history of civil engineering. Contributors include recognized researchers and practitioners in industry, government, and academe.


CEBE Transactions






Features case studies, project reports, essays, research findings, reviews and other work relating to teaching, learning, scholarship and the research-teaching-consultancy link in Built Environment disciplines.


Chongqing Jianzhu Daxue Xuebao


1006-7329 (1674-4764)




Parallel language title: Journal of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering (English) (The original "Chongqing Architecture University,") "Civil Engineering and the Built Environment" is the construction of classes sponsored by Chongqing University academic journals (bimonthly), mainly reflecting the civil engineering, architecture, environmental science and engineering disciplines on the latest theoretical research and engineering application of innovation and as dedicated to promoting academic exchanges to foster civil construction and environmental engineering senior personnel to promote the prosperity and development of civil engineering disciplines.






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Citiesoffers a comprehensive range of articles on all aspects of urban policy. It provides an international and interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of ideas and information between urban planners and policy makers from national and local government, non-government organizations, academia and consultancy.Topics covered include: Housing, homelessness and health; urban management; public-private sector cooperation; Third World development and planning problems; urban regeneration; urban conservation and design; technological innovation and urban planning; urban transportation.


Classicist, The






Devoted to the theory and practice of architectural and artistic classicism. Contains essays on architectural theory, education, urbanism, and archeology, as well as practical infornation on building technology and a section on allied arts.


Computers, Environment and Urban Systems


0198-9715 (1873-7587)


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Computers, Environment and Urban Systems is an interdisciplinary journal publishing cutting-edge and innovative computer-based research on environmental and urban systems, that privileges the geospatial perspective. The journal welcomes original high quality scholarship of a theoretical, applied or technological nature, and provides a stimulating presentation of perspectives, research developments, overviews of important new technologies and uses of major computational, information-based, and visualization innovations. Applied and theoretical contributions demonstrate the scope of computer-based analysis fostering a better understanding of environmental and urban systems, their spatial scope and their dynamics. Interdisciplinary perspectives are strongly encouraged. Application areas include environmental analysis, modeling and management, urban planning, economic development, emergency response and hazards, housing, land and resource management, infrastructure and facilities management, physical planning and urban design, transportation, business, and service planning. Examples of methodological approaches include geographic information systems, decision support systems, geocomputation, spatial statistical analysis, complex systems and artificial intelligence, visual analytics and geovisualization, ubiquitous computing, virtual rendering and simulation.


Construction History. Journal of the Construction History Society




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Construction History, the journal of the Society, is a scholarly journal which is published annually. The leading international journal in its field, it enjoys a high reputation in the diversity, breadth and detail of its coverage. Subjects appearing in the journal have ranged from buildings in early China to construction processes in the modern USA, and from nineteenth century British bridge building to the use of concrete in India and Mexico. Scope embraces construction funding, organisation, firms, labour, materials and components, structures, building form, processes, plant and historical sources. Each volume contains four or five full-length, generously illustrated studies by authoritative writers. The volumes have well over one hundred pages and also contain informative abstracts from periodicals,and literature together with book reviews.


Construction Management and Economics


0144-6193 (1466-433X)




Construction Management and Economics is the leading international refereed journal that publishes original research concerning the management and economics of building and civil engineering, while also including the management of built facilities.


Cornell journal of architecture




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The Cornell Journal of Architecture issue 8:RE has two major uses: 1, meaning with regard to: as the preposition in contexts such as re: your letter… and 2, as the prefix indicating return to a previous condition, as in review, reiterate, resume, reimagine, react, redo, etc. Both uses suggest dialogue, criticism, feedback, and testing of an existing condition: a text, a building, a methodology. Essays will engage the issues of RE from many vantage points; by revisiting and rethinking existing work, by unpacking the significance of dialog and criticism in architecture and urbanism today, by reconsidering the sustainability of reuse and recycling, by investigating the ways in which feedback and testing can contribute to machined production, and other surprises. The Cornell Journal of Architecture invites submissions, including but not limited to scholarly works, from all fields.








Provides a collection of art and literature reflecting current concerns, visions and opinions of architecture students in North America.


Design & Nature and Ecodynamics


1755-7437 (1755-7445)




Acts as a channel of communication for researchers from around the world working on a variety of studies involving nature and its significance to modern scientific thought and design.


Design and Technology Education: An International Journal


1360-1431 (2040-8633)




Developments in Design and Technology Education from art to applied science and technology, including case studies of new approaches in schools and colleges, new research, studies and reviews of new literature.


Design Issues


0747-9360 (1531-4790)




Design Issues is published by MIT, and it is something comparable with "Design Studies". Design Issues provokes inquiry into the cultural and intellectual issues surrounding design. Regular features include theoretical and critical articles by professional and scholarly contributors, extensive book reviews, and illustrations. Special guest-edited issues concentrate on particular themes, such as artificial intelligence, product seminars, design in Asia, and design education. Scholars, students, and professionals in all the design fields are readers of each issue. For those who want to conduct a research about Design Processes, Design Methodology and Design Pedagogy, this can be both a good resource and a potential platform for publishing their research outcomes.


Design Studies


0142-694X (1872-6909)


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Design Studies is the only journal to approach the understanding of design from comparisons across all domains of application, including engineering and product design, architectural design and planning, computer artefacts and systems design. It therefore provides a unique forum for the development and discussion of fundamental aspects of design activity and experience, from cognition and methodology to values and philosophy.The journal reports new research and scholarship in principles, procedures and techniques relevant to the practice, management and pedagogy of design..


DISP 154






disP - The Planning Review is an interdisciplinary scientific journal, dealt with the topics from the fields of spatial development, urban planning / urban planning, landscape and environmental planning, landscape architecture, regional and environmental economics and transport planning. It is published four times a year.


DMI academic review


1557-0614 (1948-7169)




The Design Management Journal is formerly the DMI Academic Review and is a refereed journal devoted to articles and academic research exploring how design—in products, communication, and environments—is an essential resource, a component of every organization that can be effectively managed to make important contributions to the bottom line and to long-term success. The Design Management Journal is included with a subscription to the Design Management Review and is published in conjunction with the International DMI Education Forum.


EARSeL eProceedings






Devoted to refereed scientific publications in all fields of Earth observation and remote sensing.


Energy and Buildings


0378-7788 (1872-6178)


API Scopus


Energy and Buildings is an international journal publishing articles with explicit links to energy use in buildings. The aim is to present new research results, and new proven practice aimed at reducing energy needs of a building and improving indoor environment quality.


Energy Policy


0301-4215 (1873-6777)


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Energy Policy is established worldwide as the authoritative journal addressing those issues of energy supply, demand and utilization that confront decision makers, managers, consultants, politicians, planners and researchers. Major articles cover a comprehensive range of topics from national energy pricing to energy efficiency potential in the domestic sector; from the politics of US energy policy to the economic evaluation of nuclear power; from the environmental impacts of fossil fuel use to energy demand management in developing countries. The scope of Energy Policy embraces economics, planning, politics, pricing, forecasting, investment, conservation, substitution and environment.


Engineering Construction and Architectural Management


0969-9988 (1365-232X)


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Publishes research in all areas of construction: building, civil engineering, major infrastructure and maintenance and includes construction management, project management, the management of construction companies and architectural practices.


Environment and Planning A


0308-518X (1472-3409)


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Environment and Planning A concentrates on spatial organisation and restructuring of cities and regions throughout the globe.


Environment and Planning B-Planning & Design


0265-8135 (1472-3417)


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Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design was introduced to cover the area of method application and spatial problems in built environments, with specialisation in new approaches to generating and evaluating plans and policies.


Environment and Planning D-Society & Space


0263-7758 (1472-3433)


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Environment and Planning D: Society and Space provides a forum for the discussion of the mutually constitutive relation between the social and the spatial. The journal editors are equally committed to the spatial aspects of political action and the abstractions of social theory.


Environment and Urbanization


0956-2478 (1746-0301)


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Environment and Urbanization aims to provide an effective means for the exchange of research findings, ideas and information in the fields of human settlements and environment among researchers, activists and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in low- and middle-income nations and between these and researchers, international agency staff, students and teachers in high-income nations. Most of the papers it publishes are written by authors from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Papers may be submitted in French, Spanish or Portuguese, as well as English - and if accepted for publication, the journal arranges for their translation into English. The journal is also unusual in the proportion of its papers that are written by practitioners.


Environmental Health Perspectives


0091-6765 (1552-9924)


Scopus SCI


Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) is a monthly journal of peer-reviewed research and news on the impact of the environment on human health. EHP is published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and its content is free online. Print issues are available by paid subscription.


Environmental Science & Technology


0013-936X (1520-5851)


Scopus SCI


Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T) is an authoritative source of information for professionals in a wide range of environmental disciplines. The news and features section of ES&T presents objective reports and analyses of the major advances, trends, and challenges in environmental science, technology, and policy for a diverse professional audience. It aims to promote interdisciplinary understanding in the environmental field. Although we welcome technical content in these articles, it is not a proper forum to present new data. Instead, the discussion should be based on data found in the peer-reviewed literature.


Environnement Urbain






Urban Environment is an interdisciplinary and international journal devoted to the study reports that companies have with their urban environment. It welcomes original texts that address the quality of either, or several at a time of social, political, geographical, cultural, anthropological or economic environment. His field of study is however, limited to urban or metropolitan.


European Planning Studies


0965-4313 (1469-5944)


Scopus SSCI


European Planning Studies provides a forum for ideas and information about spatial development processes and policies in Europe. The journal publishes articles of a theoretical, empirical and policy-relevant nature and is particularly concerned to integrate knowledge of processes with practical policy proposals, implementation and evaluation. Subjects: Economic Geography; European Studies; Governance; Planning; Planning - Human Geography; Planning, Housing & Land Economy; Regional Development; Regional Geography - Human Geography; Urban Studies. Additionally: European Planning Studies features articles which focus on the functional dimensions of planning, such as infrastructure, communications, environmental quality, design, cultural, social welfare, recreational, housing, industrial and employment concerns of planning at whatever spatial scale. Articles which are concerned with these questions in an appropriate spatial context, given the scope of the journal, are of special interest.


Habitat International




Scopus SSCI


Habitat International is dedicated to the study of urban and rural human settlements: their planning, design, production and management. Its main focus is on urbanisation in its broadest sense in the developing world. However, increasingly the interrelationships and linkages between cities and towns in the developing and developed worlds are becoming apparent and solutions to the problems that result are urgently required. The economic, social, technological and political systems of the world are intertwined and changes in one region almost always affect other regions. Habitat International welcomes reports of research on urban issues such as policy and implementation, the links between planning, building and land, finance and management, urban design, the interaction between the natural environment and urban areas the provision of urban services and other related problems.




0046-7316 (1574-4078)


DOAJ Scopus


HERON provides a national and international forum for the dissemination of research and developments in the field of structural mechanics, construction and building materials and their application in new structures, repair practice and maintenance. The journal provides a wide range of research and application papers which describe laboratory and numerical investigations or report on full scale projects. The materials covered include: concrete, steel, timber, masonry, cement, ceramics, composites and recycled materials. The scope of structures include: bridges, high-rise buildings, highway pavements, housing, tunnels and water containment structures.


Housing Theory and Society


1403-6096 (1651-2278)




Housing, Theory and Society is an international, academic journal that aims to encourage the application and development of social theory in the housing field. The journal has a broad focus that includes content related to international housing, social theory and other social issues.
Contributions regularly integrate housing research into particular aspects of social science, social research and policy, including welfare studies, employment, education, gender, public health and the environment.


Hunch. The Berlage Institute Report






Examines worldwide issues and ideas that shape the built environment and the international architecture discourse from a Dutch perspective.


Indoor Air


0905-6947 (1600-0668)


Scopus SCI


The quality of the environment within buildings is a topic of major importance for public health. Indoor Air provides a location for reporting original research results in the broad area defined by the indoor environment of non-industrial buildings. An international journal with multidisciplinary content, Indoor Air publishes papers reflecting the broad categories of interest in this field: health effects; thermal comfort; monitoring and modelling; source characterization; ventilation and other environmental control techniques. The research results present the basic information to allow designers, building owners, and operators to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for building occupants, as well as giving medical practitioners information on how to deal with illnesses related to the indoor environment.


Indoor and Built Environment


1420-326X (1423-0070)




Journal of Indoor and Built Environment is a fully peer reviewed international journal that publishes original research and review articles on any topic pertaining to the quality of the indoor and built environment, and how these might effect the health, performance, efficiency and comfort of persons living or working there. Topics range from urban infrastructure, design of buildings, and materials used to laboratory studies including animal simulations and in vitro effects.


InterActions : UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies






Interactions is a peer-reviewed on-line journal committed to the promotion of interdisciplinary and critical scholarship. Edited by students in the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, the journal brings together senior and emerging scholars, activists, and professionals whose work covers a broad range of theory and practice. An open access journal hosted by the eScholarship initiative of the California Digital Library , InterActions is published twice yearly with funding provided by the UCLA Graduate Students Association and the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies.


International journal of design sciences & technology






The design of new products drives to solve problems which solutions are still partial and which tools and methods of assistance are rudimentary. Design is applied in extremely various fields and implies numerous agents during all the process of elaboration and realisation. The International Journal of Design Sciences and Technology is a multidisciplinary forum dealing with all facets and fields of design. It endeavours to provide a framework with which to support debates on the different economical, historical, pedagogical, philosophical, scientific and technological issues surrounding design. Its focus is general as well as specific, at the level of both ideas and experiential savoir-faire. Besides examining the concepts and the questions raised by academic and theoretical communities in the hard and social sciences, IJDST also addresses the concerns and approaches of different industrial and professional design disciplines. IJDST seeks to follow the growth of the universe of design, to observe, to interpret and to contribute to design's dynamic, expanding sciences and technology.


International journal of environment and sustainable development


1474-6778 (1478-7466)




IJESD is a fully-refereed academic journal. It addresses matters related to environment and sustainable development, paying special attention to relevant issues in developing countries while reporting on the latest environmental trends in industrialised nations. The journal's range of themes encompasses ecological studies, field research, empirical work and descriptive analyses on topics such as: Environmental systems, Environmental policies and politics, Environmental legislation, Environmental impact assessment, Water and energy related issues, Sustainability Sustainable development approaches and methods.


International Journal of Exergy


1742-8297 (1742-8300)




IJEX aims to provide a forum for disseminating high-quality research results in the wide domain covered by the methods of exergy analysis, entropy generation minimisation and thermo-economics. Papers on related topics such as exergy utilisation, irreversible process modelling, size and time constraints, environmental modelling, exergy waste and emissions and exergo-economics are welcome. Also welcome are studies devoted to method, modelling, theory, computational simulation, design, experimentation, and measurement. It is our objective to bring the community together in the forum for IJEX and to expand it. The hope of all of us in thermodynamics is to develop a more coherent science, and to leave for future generations a more useful methodology.


International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment


0948-3349 (1614-7502)




The UNEP-SETAC toxicity model enabling a more consistent assessment of toxic effects on both human health and ecosystems


International journal of project management


0263-7863 (1873-4634)


Scopus SSCI


The International Journal of Project Management offers wide ranging and comprehensive coverage of all facets of project management. Published eight times per year, it provides a focus for worldwide expertise in the required techniques, practices and areas of research; presents a forum for its readers to share common experiences across the full range of industries and technologies in which project management is used; covers all areas of project management from systems to human aspects; links theory with practice by publishing case studies and covering the latest important issues. Application areas include: information systems, strategic planning, research and development, system design and implementation, engineering and construction projects, finance, leisure projects, communications, defence, agricultural projects, major re-structuring and new product development. Papers originate from all over the world and are fully peer-reviewed, on the 'double-blind' system. In addition, the journal carries conference reports, and book reviews.


International journal of space structures






The aim of the journal is to provide an international forum for the interchange of information on all aspects of analysis, design and construction of space structures. The scope of the journal encompasses structures such as single-, double- and multi-layer grids, barrel vaults, domes, towers, folded plates, radar dishes, tensegrity structures, stressed skin assemblies, foldable structures, pneumatic systems and cable arrangements. No limitation on the type of material is imposed and the scope includes structures constructed in steel, aluminium, timber, concrete, plastics, paperboard and fabric. The journal aims at striking a balance between theory and practice and creating a platform for exchange of information between structural engineers, architects, civil engineering contractors, system manufacturers and research workers in academic and non-academic establishments. The journal includes regular reviews of technical publications, books and trade literature. Also included is information on recently built important space structures, recently held conferences and forthcoming events of interest.


International Journal of structural Engineering


1758-7328 (1758-7336)




Structural engineering is commonly considered a speciality within civil engineering, but it also includes any discipline which has structural system. This field includes the analysis, design, plan, and research of structural components and structural systems. IJStructE is set up to report the relevant generic studies in this field.


International Planning Studies


1356-3475 (1469-9265)




Planning, at urban, regional, national and international levels, faces new challenges, notably those related to the growth of globalisation as both an objective socio-economic process and a shift in policy-maker perceptions and modes of analysis. International Planning Studies (IPS) addresses these issues by publishing quality research in a variety of specific fields and from a range of theoretical and normative perspectives, which helps improve understanding of the actual and potential role of planning and planners in this context. urban design, economic development, environmental policy, spatial planning, housing, transport, social inclusion.


International Regional Science Review


0160-0176 (1552-6925)


Avery Scopus SSCI


International Regional Science Review serves as an international forum for economists, geographers, planners, and other social scientists to share important research findings and methodological breakthroughs. The journal serves as a catalyst for improving spatial and regional analysis within the social sciences and stimulating communication among the disciplines. IRSR deliberately helps define regional science by publishing key interdisciplinary survey articles that summarize and evaluate previous research and identify fruitful research directions. Focusing on issues of theory, method, and public policy where the spatial or regional dimension is central, IRSR strives to promote useful scholarly research that is securely tied to the real world.








Intersight is an annual publication that highlights the work of students at the School of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo. The intent of the journal is to record current design preoccupations and scholarship


Journal of architectural conservation




API Avery Scopus


As the leading authority in its field, the international Journal of Architectural Conservation provides invaluable guidance on policy, practice and technical developments. Encouraging debate on a broad variety of conservation issues, this peer reviewed Journal with its high academic and professional standards fulfils its ambition to illuminate, question and inform.


Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering


1346-7581 (1347-2852)


Scopus AHCI


Journal of Asian Architecture & Building Engineering is a refereed international journal both in print and on line, serving researchers in academic and research organizations and all practitioners in the building sector.


Journal of building appraisal


1742-8262 (1744-9545)




Deals with building condition, defects, repair and maintenance and addresses the issues confronting professionals responsible for the appraisal and refurbishment of the built environment.


Journal of building physics


1744-2591 (1744-2583)




Journal of Building Physics (J. Bldg. Phys) is an international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes a high quality research and state of the art "integrated" papers to promote scientifically thorough advancement of all the areas of non-structural performance of a building and particularly in heat, air, moisture transfer. Reports on the thermal performance of materials and systems, particularly those used in building envelopes.


Journal of Cleaner production






Journal of Cleaner Productionserves as an interdisciplinary, international forum for the exchange of information and research results on the technologies, concepts and policies designed to help ensure progress towards sustainable societies. It aims to encourage industrial innovation, new and improved products, and the implementation of new, cleaner processes, products and services. It is also designed to stimulate the development and implementation of prevention oriented governmental policies and educational programmes.


Journal of Construction Engineering and Management-Asce


0733-9364 (1943-7862)




The Journal of Construction Engineering and Management publishes quality papers that aim to advance the science of construction engineering, harmonize construction practices with design theories, and further education and research in construction engineering and management. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: construction material handling, equipment, production planning, specifications, scheduling, estimating, cost control, quality control, labor productivity, inspection, contract administration, construction management, computer applications, and environmental concerns.


Journal of Cultural Heritage


1296-2074 (1778-3674)


Scopus AHCI


A Multidisciplinary Journal of Science and Technology for Conservation and Awareness. The Journal of Cultural Heritage is devoted to: - Safeguard, Conservation and exploitation of cultural heritage - Analyses and preservation of biodiversity - Sociological and economical analyses - Computer sciences in Cultural heritage.


Journal of engineering education (JEE)




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The Journal of Engineering Education (JEE) is a peer-reviewed international journal published quarterly by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) in partnership with a global community of engineering education societies and associations. JEE is listed in the Science Citation Index (categories: Education, Scientific Disciplines; Engineering, Multidisciplinary), and the Social Sciences Citation Index (category: Education, Education Research) by Thomson-Reuters and the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) and the tables of contents are reproduced in ISI’s Current Contents/Engineering, Computing and Technology and Current Contents/Social and Behavioral Sciences. JEE is also listed in the EBSCOhost research databases (Education Research Complete™ and Academic Search Complete™) and the Elsevier bibliographic research database, Scopus. JEE is a founding member of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies, and the journal is rated A* by the Australian Research Council.


Journal of environmental assessment, policy and management


1464-3332 (1757-5605




The Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management is an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, international journal covering policy and decision-making relating to environmental assessment (EA) in the broadest sense. Uniquely, its specific aim is to explore the horizontal interactions between assessment and aspects of environmental management (not just the vertical interactions within the broad field of impact assessment) and thereby to identify comprehensive approaches to environmental improvement involving both qualitative and quantitative information. As the concepts associated with sustainable development mature, links between environmental assessment and management systems become all the more essential; their development in isolation and without reference to each other becomes increasingly problematic. The focus of the journal is on law, policy and procedures, covering policy formulation, development and implementation, public participation and the institutional basis for EA. The journal aims to provide a forum for imaginative and creative thinking around the theoretical and empirical foundations of environmental assessment and management.


Journal of Environmental Planning and Management


0964-0568 (1360-0559)


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Covers issues of environmental policy, planning, management, regulatory aspects of natural resources, environmental protection, conservation, and human-environment interactions.


Journal of environmental policy and planning


1523-908X (1522-7200)


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The Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning is an international journal that provides a forum for the critical analysis of environmental policy and planning. It explores the environmental dimensions of common policies such as transport, agriculture and fisheries, urban and rural policy, all stages in the policy and planning processes from formulation to implementation, and the interactions between governments and markets, the strategies of non-governmental organizations and business in relation to the environment, and land-use decision-making. The journal invites original papers from a political, social, economic, geographical, legal, cultural, and planning perspective.


Journal of green building


1552-6100 (1943-4618)


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Aims to present current research findings and new directions related to green building and high performance built facilities and infrastructure.


Journal of Housing and the Built Environment


1566-4910 (1573-7772)




Reports on issues in housing and urban planning, with a view toward their environmental impact.


Journal of Industrial Ecology


1088-1980 (1530-9290)




Journal of Industrial Ecology is open to and encourages submissions that are interdisciplinary in approach. In addition to more formal academic papers, the journal seeks to provide a forum for continuing exchange of information and opinions through contributions from scholars, environmental managers, policymakers, advocates and others involved in environmental science, management and policy.


Journal of Information Technology in Construction






Covers the use of IT in architecture and construction. The aim is to report on academic research and innovative industrial development work concerning the application of information technology throughout the life-cycle of the design, construction and occupancy of buildings and related facilities. The focus is on presenting research results dealing with or having relevance across disciplines and/or life-cycle stages. There are other, existing journals addressing specialised analysis, synthesis or optimisation methods particular to design or construction tasks within the individual subdisciples of construction.


Journal of Light & Visual Environment (the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan)


0387-8805 (1349-8398)




Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan. Contains papers and general reports, covering light sources, vision, color, radiometry, lighting design, and all other fields of lighting engineering.


Journal of Planning Education and Research


0739-456X (1552-6577)


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The Journal of Planning Education and Research (JPER) is a forum for planning educators and scholars (from both academia and practice) to present results from teaching and research that advance the profession and improve planning practice. JPER is the official journal of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) and the journal of record for North American planning scholarship. Aimed at scholars and educators in urban and regional planning, political science, policy analysis, urban geography, economics, and sociology, JPER presents the most vital contemporary trends and issues in planning theory, practice, and pedagogy.


Journal of the international association for shell and spatial structures


1028-365X (1996-9015)




Presents the continuing development of design, analysis, and construction techniques of shell and spatial structures.


Journal of Urban Planning and Development


0733-9488 (1943-5444)


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The Journal of Urban Planning and Development covers the application of civil engineering to such aspects of urban planning as area-wide transportation, the coordination of planning and programming of public works and utilities, and the development and redevelopment of urban areas. Subjects include environmental assessment, esthetic considerations, land use planning, underground utilities, infrastructure management, renewal legislation, transportation planning, and evaluation of the economic value of state parks.


Journal of Urban Technology


1063-0732 (1466-1853)


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The Journal of Urban Technology publishes articles that review and analyze developments in urban technologies as well as articles that study the history and the political, economic, environmental, social, esthetic, and ethical effects of those technologies. The goal of the journal is, through education and discussion, to maximize the positive and minimize the adverse effects of technology on cities.


Koninklijke Nederlandse Oudheidkundige Bond. Bulletin (KNOB)






The Bulletin published six times per year including 1 double issue. The Bulletin the magazine is to publish articles on scientific level knowledge in the field of archeology, architecture and building history, cultural monuments and enlarge and deepen. The independent wording is responsible for maintaining the scientific level.


Kunst & Architektur in der Schweiz




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The new k + a has two goals: We want to inspire a broad audience for topics of the Swiss art history, architectural history and to maintain, the opening up and the mediation of Swiss heritage - and we report on the work of GSK's. Our magazine about "Heritage Concrete" shows a building material that was for many the epitome of boundless construction - concrete is monumental and polarized.


London journal


0305-8034 (1749-6322)


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The scope of The London Journal is broad, embracing all aspects of metropolitan society past and present, including comparative studies. The Journal is multi-disciplinary and is intended to interest all concerned with the understanding and enrichment of London and Londoners: historians, geographers, economists, sociologists, social workers, political scientists, planners, educationalist, archaeologists, conservationists, architects, and all those taking an interest in the fine and performing arts, the natural environment and in commentaries on metropolitan life in fiction as in fact. Covers all aspects of metropolitan society past and present, including comparative studies.


METU Journal of the Faculty of Architecture (Turkey)




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METU JOURNAL OF THE FACULTY OF ARCHITECTURE is a biannual refereed publication of the Middle East Technical University published every June and December. The Journal publishes articles contributing to the development of knowledge in man-environment relations, design and planning, which have theoretical or practical significance.








News of current architectural issues in Turkey and the world, including planning, conservation and environmental issues.


Open House International




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Open House International (OHI) focuses on decision making processes which enable the various disciplines dealing with built environment to understand the dynamics of development and housing and so contribute more effectively to it. Its general aim is to improve the quality of built environment through encouraging greater sharing of decision making by ordinary people. It also aims at developing the necessary institutional frameworks which will support the local initiatives of parties in the housing process. The subject matter is the Built Environment.


Open Urban Studies Journal






The Open Urban Studies Journal is an Open Access online journal which publishes original research articles, reviews and short articles in the field of urban and regional studies. Topics covered include the: theory, methods, planning, development, analysis, design, policies and programs applied to urban studies.


PCI Journal






The PCI Journal is the bimonthly technical publication of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. It is published for engineers, architects, contractors, plant managers, and building code and government officials engaged in the design and production/erection of precast concrete and prestressed concrete. The Journal reports new techniques, current research, and project studies on the technical aspects of precast and prestressed concrete fabrication, design, and construction.


Places-A Forum of Environmental Design




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Founded 26 years ago by architecture faculty at MIT and Berkeley, Places is an interdisciplinary journal of contemporary architecture, landscape, and urbanism, with particular emphasis on the public realm as physical place and social ideal. In spring 2009, Places published its last print issue. The journal is now a fully web-based, open-access publication. Places online will publish peer-reviewed scholarship as well as topical commentary, observations, reviews, and visual portfolios. Like our colleagues in the Design Observer Group, we are committed to design as a catalyst of change.


Planning perspectives




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Planning Perspectives is a peer-reviewed international journal of history, planning and the environment, publishing historical and prospective articles on many aspects of plan making and implementation. Subjects covered link the interest of those working in economic, social and political history, historical geography and historical sociology with those in the applied fields of public health, housing construction, architecture and town planning. The Journal has a substantial book review section, covering UK, North American and European literature.


Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineering


0965-089X (1751-7672)




Civil Engineering is the ICE's flagship journal providing full-colour papers and articles on topics across the spectrum of civil engineering activity. Practical and diverse in its scope, Civil Engineering gives a wide-ranging insight into the engineering profession. Multi-disciplined in approach, topics range from landmark projects to debates on philosophical, ethical, environmental, management and safety issues.




1239-3401 (1457-6511)




Previously published twice a year in architecture, design and artistic specialty is published in the annual report, its contents and structure to follow, since 1999, which appeared the magazine: Ptah is still concentrated in the field of long articles, in addition to Finnish architecture and art skills for international presentation. Publication describes the architecture, along with designers and students to work on the built environment images of the creative visual arts and photography, and interesting literature.


Rassegna di architettura e urbanistica


0393-0203 (0392-8608)


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Provides reference to contemporary architecture, design, environment. Covers the history of modern design through architects, cities, projects, interior design and furnishing.


Raumforschung und Raumordnung


0034-0111 (1869-4179)


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Raumforschung und Raumordnung wendet sich an die raumbezogene Wissenschaft im In- und Ausland, aber auch an Politik, Praxis und die interessierte Öffentlichkeit – mit wissenschaftlichen Beiträgen, Berichten aus Forschung und Praxis und kompetenten Kommentaren zu wichtigen neuen Publikationen im In- und Ausland. Im Sinne des internationalen wissenschaftlichen Austauschs veröffentlicht RuR auch englischsprachige Beiträge.


Real Estate Economics


1080-8620 (1540-6229)


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As the official Journal of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, Real Estate Economics is the premier journal on real estate topics. Since 1973, Real Estate Economics has been facilitating communication among academic researchers and industry professionals and improving the analysis of real estate decisions. Articles span a wide range of issues, from tax rules to brokers' commissions to corporate real estate including housing and urban economics, and the financial economics of real estate development and investment.


Renewable Energy


0960-1481 (1879-0682)




The scope of the Journal Renewable Energy encompasses the following: Photovoltaic Technology Conversion, Solar Thermal Applications, Biomass Conversion, Wind Energy Technology, Materials Science Technology, Solar and Low Energy Architecture, Energy Conservation in Buildings, Climatology and Meteorology (Geothermal, Wave and Tide, Ocean Thermal Energies, Mini Hydro Power and Hydrogen Production Technology), Socio-economic and Energy Management.


Revista INVI




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INVI Magazine is a periodical publication with regular in the months of May, August and November of each year which begins in August 1986 with the aim of contributing to the knowledge of residential housing and seeks to spread the housing issue from a university perspective according to the principles of the Institute who created it, this is understood as inter-and transdisciplinary. Includes various fields of science, technology, politics, experience and other human manifestations. Therefore, channeling the four areas of knowledge developed by the School of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Chile, which are the urban environment and rural heritage preservation, architectural design and scientific creativity and artistic. No limits institutional, territorial, national, social or ideological.


Solar Energy




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Solar Energy welcomes manuscripts presenting information not previously published in journals on any aspect of solar energy research, development, application, measurement or policy. The term "solar energy" in this context includes the indirect uses such as wind energy and biomass.


Structurist, The




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Focuses on ideas relating to architecture and the arts - including painting, sculpture, design, photography, music and literature - their histories and relationships to each other, as well as to science, technology, and Nature.


Sustainable Development


0968-0802 (1099-1719)


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This is the leading international journal in its area emphasising the need for interdisciplinary research into economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable development. All contributions are peer-reviewed with the aim of providing readers with high quality, original material. Its emphasis is on publishing high quality research contributions that debate and discuss how Sustainable Development can be achieved within government, business and civil society. It encourages papers with a national and international focus but also recognises the importance of local action for sustainable development. Contributions can range from practical applications of sustainable development and policy contributions through to philosophical discussions and debates.


Technological Forecasting and Social Change


0040-1625 (1873-5509)




A major forum for those wishing to deal directly with the methodology and practice of technological forecasting and future studies as planning tools as they interrelate social, environmental and technological factors.




0166-4972 (1879-2383)


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The journal Technovation encompasses all facets of the process of technological innovation from conceptualization of a new technology–based product or process through commercial utilization. Topics include technological trends and breakthroughs which will support innovation, availability of capital for new product development and introduction, displacement of existing products, management of entrepreneurial ventures, management of innovation in medium–sized and large organizations, organizational structures intended to facilitate innovation, investment strategies related to new science– or technology–based enterprises, the innovator as an individual and as a personality type, and technology transfer to developing nations.


The Georgian Group Journal




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Promotes public understanding and appreciation of the classical tradition in British architecture, town planning, and decorative art, as well as the restoration and protection of this architectural and artistic heritage. Papers are invited for Volume XIX of The Georgian Group Journal, to be published in May 2011. We are seeking high-quality, original submissions (in the form of full articles of 3000-7500 words and notes & queries of up to 600 words) that further knowledge and understanding in relevant areas. Manuscripts should be emailed to by 30 September 2010.


The Journal of Architecture


1360-2365 (1466-4410)


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Journal issues range from those consisting of a selection of essays on open topics to special guest-edited volumes on particular themes. Subjects covered include writings about individual architects, theoretical texts, design theory, architectural culture, sustainability, technology, everyday building, pedagogy, visual culture, artistic practices and urbanism. The journal also features an extensive book and exhibition review section in every issue. Seeks views relevant to the future of architecture and its reception internationally, encouraging independent critical debate.


Transportation Planning and Technology


0308-1060 (1026-7840) (1029-0354)




Transportation Planning and Technology presents papers covering transport demand, land use forecasting, economic evaluation and its relationship to policy in both developed and developing countries, conventional and possibly unconventional future systems technology, urban and interurban transport terminals and interchanges and environmental aspects associated with transport (particularly those relating to noise, pollution and the movement of hazardous materials) as well as more narrowly focused technical papers.


Urbani Izziv


0353-6483 (1855-8399




Urbani izziv is a scholarly journal published by the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia. It is published by the Institute’s own press, named "Urbani izziv − publikacije". The first issue of the journal was published in December 1989. Urbani izziv is intended for the dissemination of new knowledge and discussion of contemporary spatial planning issues. Until 2008, each issue had a leading theme. Since 2009 the issues have no longer been thematic. Each issue contains contributions on various spatial themes addressed from various fields and disciplines (e.g., geography, architecture, landscape architecture, surveying, sociology, economics, etc.). These articles present the research interests of the authors within their fields, including: Spatial planning; Urban planning and design; Landscape planning and design; Regional development; Urban renewal; Management of urban areas; Natural and cultural heritage protection; Environmental protection; Spatial information technology; Housing studies; Traffic studies; Demographic; studies for spatial planning; Accessibility for the disabled.


Vernacular Architecture


0305-5477 (1749-6292)




Vernacular Architecture is the annual journal of the Vernacular Architecture Group, which was founded in 1952 to further the study of traditional buildings. Originally focused on buildings in the British Isles, membership and publications have increasingly reflected an interest in buildings from other parts of the world, and the Group actively encourages international contributions to the journal. Papers are welcome from both professionals and amateurs on all aspects of vernacular architecture, including theoretical or discursive treatment of the subject, the practical, technical and scientific aspects of the study of buildings and materials, the historical development of buildings, comparative studies of regional or wider interest, and accounts of individually significant buildings, often those which have been tree-ring dated. All papers are peer-reviewed. The journal also contains an annual list of tree-ring dated buildings in the British Isles, with dating details as well as descriptions of the buildings, and has a sizeable section of reviews of recent publications.


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